Alright, took only about 3hours to finish my Havana Twists. Considering this is the first time I’ve ever put in my own protective style involving extensions, I’m pretty damn proud of myself. 


-Stretch my hair first, I was in a rush and didn’t want to wait to stretch my hair out and it shows. My ends had a hard time meshing with the hair because they’re so curly

- Rubber band the ends.

-Only use 2 or 3 pieces per twist instead of the recommended 4. I like the big hair BUT, I kind of feel like my head is drowning in this. Plus its hard to style in updos because none of my hair ties will hold all of this….which makes showering/sleeping a bit of a hassle. 


-It looks/feels very similar to stretched natural textured hair

-Using the method perscribed on the website for installation gives a very seamless look.  Its like if you didn’t know my hair length you would assume that this is all my hair just twisted into sections. 

-It gives me a goal to strive for on my natural hair journey, I’d love to have this look without any need for extensions. (Patience Hallease, patience.)


-Price: each bag is 12:99, this took 3.1 bags (so I bought 4 bags, and dipped into the last for the the last 2 twists) throw in shipping the hair to me and its a tad pricey. (about $65)

  • They claim the hair is reusable…we’ll see about that…if it is then AWESOME! 

-Comfort: The fullness once again kind of gets in the way while sleeping, and showering. It is really hard to put this hair up in a ponytail because its just so thick. 

All in all, I love it. I want to leave this in for about a month then take it out give my hair a good wash and hopefully put it back in.  The goal is to keep this style for the winter until about february or so. If it works out I’ll definitely start incorporating this into my yearly regimen. (3 months with, 3 months w/o, etc)

Daily Maintenance

Right now in the mornings i’m just spritzing my hair with my water/Aloe Vera Juice mixture and massaging my scalp.  Every other day I’m adding my homemade oil mixture and rubbing it over the shaft of each twist until I have covered my hair only. 


I havent washed it yet…but when I do I’ll let you know how that turns out. 

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